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March 13, 2014

Tony Memmel Band to Present Master Class

Singer songwriter, Tony Memmel, vocalist, Lesleigh Memmel, and drummer, Brian Farvour, will conduct a Master Class on Friday, March 14th at 4:00 pm at the Weill Center for the Performing Arts. This class will be geared for all band musicians covering all areas of musicianship including business aspects. It will be structured in a casual question and answer atmosphere.

resizedimage400200 classic creativityThe Tony Memmel Band will play several songs as a band or duet. They will share information about their instruments which include guitar, keyboard, vocals and drums. They will offer some rare personal insights into their roles in the band and the day-to-day realities of touring. They will share aspects of life as independent professional musicians, the music business, overcoming a wide array of challenges, and the overall dynamics of being in a band.

The Memmel Band will also use this opportunity to explain to students about how they run a small business where they are responsible for all recording, merchandise, touring, travel, in addition to the actual performances and composition.

Guitarists, vocalists, keyboard and drummers are invited to attend either as a team or separately. Teachers along with students in the Sheboygan area and the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra are invited. The workshop is open to the public, including both musicians and non-musicians. Observers are always welcome.

We would like to invite you to attend The Tony Memmel Band performance with the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, March 15th at 7:30 at the Weill Center for the Performing Arts. Several of the featured selections for the concert showcase the Tony Memmel originals orchestrated for orchestra and chorus. These premiered collections are Overture & Here We Go, Burnt Bridges, Blinded by the Light, I Could Make You New and Clenched Hands Brave Demands.

Tony Memmel is a songwriter and performer with unique charisma and creativity. He was born missing his left forearm and taught himself to play the guitar, piano and harmonica. It is my contention that if you heard a song of Tony’s on the radio or on one of his albums and were not aware of his being an amputee, you would never know the difference at all. In fact, many people are often shocked to learn of it and/or don’t even notice at his live shows until he wipes the sweat from his face with the two characteristic arm bands that he wears on his left bicep.

Memmel is not one to try to sell you on his handicap alone. He has a work ethic, talent, and personality that you simply do not see every day. His music most definitely stands on its own. It is catchy, without sacrificing sincerity, and his lyrics are personal and real. Memmel earned a Bachelor’s degree in music and is a classically trained and acclaimed vocalist. He has gained a loyal following and support from fans and musicians alike in the Midwest, the Country, and even the World.

The Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra Guest Artist Master Class Series is a collaborative effort between the Sheboygan Symphony and Lakeland College. The class series, presented by many talented professionals performing with the SSO is free to the participating student and open to the public for observation. To participate in or observe a Master Class, please contact the SSO office at (920)-452-1985, or e-mail business@sheboygansymphony.org.

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