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Private Instruction

Below is a list of private instructors in Sheboygan County. The Sheboygan Symphony provides this list for informational purposes, and does not endorse one instructor over another. It's also important to note that some teachers do have a waiting list, or are not accepting new students.

Rick Gustafson 920-458-5359 (res) 920-946-3619 (bus)

Jamison Stokdyk 920-395-4038
Glenn Zeinemann 920-457-0993

Piano Instructors
Mary Jane Burnmeyer 920-894-2855
Rachel Cornell 920-451-1539
Shelba DeMaster 920-564-3757
Benjamin Horvat 920-698-0544
William Laesch 920-898-1848
Mary Lavey 920-668-8302
Louise Mann 920-528-7343
Lois Meinhardt 920-458-6003
Dan Ognavic 920-452-1517
Elaine Phillips 920-467-4494
Jane Van Maaren 920-564-2339
Jane Voigt 920-894-2069
Marlene Wondergem 920-457-2522

String Instructors
Timothy Hammond 920-479-0972
Lindsay Fischer justcellistfit@gmail.com
Sara Kroneck, Violins only - 920-226-7013
Dan Ognavic, Violin/Viola 920-452-1517
Charles Stephan, Cello/Bass 920-235-4031 (teaches at First United Lutheran Church)
Jane Van Maaren, Violin 920-564-2339

Voice Instructors
Kristal Klemme 920-627-0401
Stephanie Wasmer 920-980-7305

Alea Erickson  Flute  920-889-9142
Patricia Milsted Bassoon/Clarinet/Oboe 920-698-9467