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Children's Concerts

The Sheboygan Symphony and Sheboygan Area School District sponsor the annual Children's Concerts, which introduce orchestral music to all public and parochial fourth-grade students in Sheboygan County. By providing an authentic "concert experience", students will have their world opened to a new understanding of the beauty of live performances.

Sheboygan Area students attend a short concert by the Sheboygan Symphony in the Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts. During the concert, fourth-graders are introduced to the various instruments that comprise the orchestra. An assortment of musical terms are introduced or reinforced for the students. Some of the famous composers (the masters) and several famous works are presented to the group. The program wraps up with the introduction of "concert manners" to the students.

Over 42,000 students have attended the Children's Concerts over the past 26 years. For more information contact the Sheboygan School District or the Sheboygan Symphony Office at 452-1985.

Children's Concerts sponsored by Sargento, Wisconsin Public Service and Garton Family Foundation.




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