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SAYS Auditions

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Auditions for new students for the 2020-21 season are ongoing! All instruments encouraged to audition, elementary-high school. Because we are unable to host live auditions, we are currently accepting video auditions. Please see below for audition requirements and video audition instructions. If you would prefer to arrange a live audition, please contact business@sheboygansymphony.org or (920) 452-1985. We are hoping to offer in-person auditions in the fall.



Prepare a scale and a solo:



  • Woodwinds/Brass: Prepare a scale of your choice (chromatic, if possible) showing your fullest range.
  • String Students: Prepare a scale of your choice with as many octaves as you can play.

Solo: All students should prepare a solo that fully demonstrates their ability on their instrument. If multi-movement, excerpts from each movement is permitted. The solo should be unaccompanied.

  • For consideration for Concert Orchestra: Solo should be WSMA Class A or B (or equivalent difficulty). Violinists and violists should demonstrate sufficient ability to play in third position minimally. Cellists should demonstrate sufficient ability to play in fourth position minimally.


  • For consideration for Sinfonia Orchestra: WSMA class B or C (or equivalent difficulty).


  • Percussionist students: Prepare short pieces on snare drum and mallets. If you do not have the equipment, but would like to audition, please contact us!


Record your audition video:


Recording suggestions: A phone, digital camera, or computer will work great for your audition video! Try to find a quiet place to record your video. Take time to get situated and comfortable before you begin. You can ask someone to record you or set up a camera to record yourself. Don’t worry about making it perfect—your goal is to share your current abilities with the conductors.


Introduction: Before you start playing your scale, introduce yourself. You can also announce the name of the piece you will be playing and the composer.


Upload your audition video:

The easiest way for us to view your audition is for you to upload your video to YouTube.



  • Create a YouTube account if you do not already have one. This can be done on a computer or through the YouTube app on a smart phone.


  • After you have recorded your video, upload it to YouTube.


  • YouTube App: (Use your phone to record your video) Open the YouTube app and go to Your Channel. Press the camera icon to upload a video. You will need to allow YouTube access to your videos, photos, and microphone. Once that is done, you will be able to choose and upload your audition video. When uploading, make sure you change the privacy setting to “Unlisted”. This privacy setting will allow the video to be viewed only by someone who has the URL.


  • Desktop: Make sure your video is downloaded to your desktop. Go to YouTube.com and create/sign into your account. Press the camera icon on the top to add a video. Select the video from your computer and upload it. You will be able to choose your privacy settings for your video. If you choose “Unlisted”, only people with the URL (link) will be able to see the video.

Complete an audition form:

  • After you have uploaded your video to YouTube, complete your audition form using the below link. Please enter the URL for your video where the form asks for it.



  • Technical help: If you need help uploading a video to YouTube, or if you will need to send a video through another method, please contact SAYS Parent Organization President Rachel Montes at rachelandarvin@gmail.com for assistance. Although YouTube will be the most convenient for our conductors, we will work with you to accept other video submissions.

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