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Sheboygan Area Youth Symphony

0128 SAYS Weill2 4 PanoHave you attended a concert by the award winning Sheboygan Area Youth Symphony? We invite you to attend one of the three season concerts and experience for yourself the depth and quality of the young musicians from our area. The Sheboygan Symphony and the Sheboygan Area School District proudly sponsor the Youth Symphony and its many endeavors. The Sheboygan Area Youth Symphony is a group of 110 talented Middle and High School students representing 19 different communities and 29 different schools from around Sheboygan County. This artistic group prepares three outstanding performances each season. In addition, they are involved in various music festivals throughout the state and nation.

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The Sheboygan Area Youth Symphony has a rich history of talented musicians, dedicated conductors and tireless volunteers. Many of its current and former members have performed with the Sheboygan Symphony and many other orchestras around the nation. 

The Concert Orchestra continues to grow artistically and this season they will be under the direction of Jeremiah Eis. This group was founded in 1982 as a full orchestra of about 35 musicians under the leadership of co-conductors, Debbie Williamson and Lewis Schmidt. Today the Concert Orchestra has grown to over 70 musicians, representing 19 different communities and 29 different schools, including many homeschoolers. The orchestra has performed nationally and even internationally, recently taking performing tours to Toronto, Canada and Charleston / Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. During the 2013-2014 season, the Concert Orchestra traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, performing several outstanding public concerts and enjoying many of the historical sights around the Boston area.

Our newest ensemble, Sinfonia, began its first season in 2012 as a small string orchestra. In 2014, Sinfonia expanded to include woodwinds, brass and percussion to offer a high quality intermediate-level full orchestra experience. The ensemble will experience growth in both numbers and musicianship as they explore a greater variety of repertoire. Sinfonia will be performing its sixth season under the baton of Fabian Qamar.

In February 2004, the Youth Symphony started a new tradition by performing in the new Stefanie Weill Center for the Performing Arts in Sheboygan. The orchestra worked hard to prepare musically for this special concert, and received rave reviews from the audience.


During the spring of 2003 the Sheboygan Area Youth Symphony were involved in the Heritage Music Festival in Boston, Massachusetts. This festival is a national competition where many fine Youth Symphonies from all over the country participated. The festival offers an opportunity for the students to grow both in their own performance as they compete, and in their musical knowledge gained through listening to other fine groups.

At the Heritage Music Festival, the Youth Symphony performed three selections for judges, took part in a mini-clinic, and listened to another orchestra perform. The same evening, youth symphony musicians and chaperones enjoyed an Awards Banquet, sponsored by the Festival, and were presented a 2nd place award in the Youth Orchestra classification.

Debbie Williamson was extremely happy with the performance of the group and stated, "It was a real joy for me to watch the musical growth and commitment of our students throughout the year, and even more rewarding to have them perform their best . . . with incredible energy, focus and precision. Sheboygan would have been proud!" Debbie went on, "Festival officials even complimented the group, following our performance, saying, 'we thoroughly enjoyed listening to your group . . . and what a wonderful bunch of kids too.' "

In addition to performing, the 65 musicians and chaperones enjoyed some sight-seeing and learned about the numerous historical sights of Boston. The group took a guided tour of the city, including parts of the Freedom Trail, explored the USS Constitution battleship, visited the Museum of Science, saw an Omni theater presentation of STOMP, and relaxed on a historical cruise of Boston Harbor. The whole trip was a wonderful experience for all.

For additional information about the Youth Symphony, contact the Sheboygan Symphony Office at 920-452-1985.